Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the information below for some of our frequently asked questions. For an answer to a question you don’t see here, reach out to or follow us on Instagram.

  1. What is gluten?
    Gluten is the main protein complex that wheat grains use for storage. While you may think of the word gluten as being singular, it’s actually the collective term for all the proteins in that complex (like gliadin and glutenin). (Reference)
  2. What is Celiac disease?
    Celiac disease is a disease where your immune system reacts to gluten proteins in your digestive tract. This immune reaction damages the cells in your digestive tract over time, and can even prevent proper absorption of nutrients. To find out more, check out the Celiac Disease Foundation website at
  3. Are you really a gluten-free bakery?
    Yes! All ingredients in KNB baked goods are gluten-free, and all equipment goes through a thorough cleaning process before being used between batches.
  4. Are your baked goods also vegan/paleo/keto friendly?
    No, they are not. However, I am happy to discuss the possibility of developing vegan/paleo/keto friendly baked goods with you through the Custom Orders page.
  5. Do you have a storefront location I can visit?
    No, there is no storefront location for KNB currently. Check Instagram or sign up for the KNB email list to be updated on local farmer’s markets KNB will be at!
  6. What are some other cool things I should know about you?
    Like the business name suggests, I am originally from Kentucky. I earned my doctorate (PhD) in Physiology from the University of Kentucky (focusing on a protein called Tau in the context of Alzheimer’s disease and Traumatic Brain Injury), and although I’m from the southeastern United States I have a strong dislike (one might say hatred?) for sweet tea and bacon.

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